Let’s Make America Shady Again!

It’s been about six months since our last post. Birthing and raising an actual human being is hard work, especially when you’ve got another ankle-biter wanting attention too. Doesn’t leave much time for blogging, but luckily, with Donald Trump as president, absolutely nothing noteworthy or shocking has happened in the last six months. Well, except for:

Image result for travel ban gif

And also:

Image result for russia investigation gif

And who could forget:

Covfefe GIF - Covfefe GIFs

And this series of awkward interactions with world leaders:

Image result for trump abe gif

Image result for trump macron gif

Image result for trump montenegro gif
That’s alright, though. We’re back to blogging (mostly) full time now, so none of the stupid shit our Orange Overlord does will go unremarked. That’s right, there’s no POTUS fuck-up too serious to be unaccompanied by the world’s finest pop culture GIFs and dick jokes (you hear that, impending World War III with North Korea, China, and Russia? You’re on NOTICE!). So strap in, America (or on – whatever your preference). Your premiere political gossip blog is back, and she’s shady as ever!

Photo Credits: GiphyYahoo, Washington Post, Tenor, Wonkette, SlateGiphy,