President Camacho Celebrates MLK Weekend By Trashing Civil Rights Icon

And somehow, the Atlanta metro area got dragged into this shit too. We didn’t think it possible, America, but the Orange Don finally went full-throttle racist and didn’t even bother speaking in code anymore. And all it took was Rep. John Lewis shanking at him to get the coked-up cockatiel to put on his white robes go apeshit on Twitter.

A little background first: US Representative from Georgia and civil rights badass John Lewis appeared on Meet the Press a few days ago and waxed poetic on how much he fucking hated our President Elect. From NBC News:

“Asked whether he would try to forge a relationship with the president-elect, Lewis said that he believes in forgiveness, but added, ‘it’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president. [….] I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.’”

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We have to say, much as we love John Lewis, we have to disagree that Russian interference got the sociopathic orangutan elected. None of our intelligence agencies have come to that conclusion. Besides, we have much more faith than Lewis does in the stupidity of the American electorate. Trump was elected fair and square.

President Camacho could have taken the tack we just did – a polite, respectful disagreement with Rep. Lewis’ assertions. But then he wouldn’t be the guy who does stuff like this in his spare time:

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So instead, like a hormonal teenager who’s just been dumped for the first time, he took to Twitter to Tweef out his grievances. Unsurprisingly, he was just a teeny bit extra in his responses:

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We have a few things to say in response to this. First off, we love that Trump couldn’t settle for trashing the person he was mad at, but had to bring Lewis’ home and millions of voters into his Tweef rampage. What’d Metro Atlanta ever do to you, Donny Boy? Reject one of your garish, gold-plated turds of a building? Be a thriving, successful metropolis that is home to your arch-nemesis, CNN? Be home to a populace that won’t put up with your shit, and trolls you with photos of their picturesque neighborhoods? Perhaps we’re a little biased since Georgia is our home state, but Donald Trump seriously fucked with the wrong people.

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We also love that of all the ways in which the Orange Don could have gone after Trump, he chose the least-effective strategy: comparing bios. John Lewis, who marched with MLK and was beaten by police during one of his many civil rights demonstrations, is not the guy you call “do-nothing;” especially when your proudest sacrifice is building “tremendous structures.”

The best part of all of this: Trump revealed himself to be the worst kind of bigot. By way of extending an olive branch, he asked Rep. Lewis to help him with the “burning and crime-infested inner-cities of the U.S.” Why would John Lewis have any more expertise on that subject than any other congressman, especially considering his district is one of the more thriving metro areas in the country at present? Is it because he’s Black, and only Black people live in “burning and crime-infested inner-cities,” according to you, Donald?

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We know it’s inconceivable to you that majority-Black communities like Metro Atlanta can be – gasp – prosperous, but them’s the facts. That’s John Lewis’ district – the majority-Black successful one – so he can’t help you there. Sorry, dude, but your assumptions about Atlanta, John Lewis, and the Black community in general?

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But we would expect nothing less from you on MLK weekend. We would suggest you educate yourself by visiting the African American National History Museum in DC, but seeing as how your racism scheduling conflicts forced you to forego that visit, we suppose you’ll have to enlighten yourself another time.

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