Our Next President Believed A WWE Storyline Was For Real

To be fair, so did this guy:

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President-Elect Donald J. Trump, who is smarter than the generals, his security briefing team, and his tax attorney, was sadly a little ill-informed when it came to professional wrestling. Despite having actually participated in fake WWE sketches many times in the past, the Orange Don was still in the dark about the fact that it’s all for show. What, America, this doesn’t look real to you?


So when a storyline in 2007 called for Trump’s bestest buddy, WWE founder Vince McMahon, to “die” in a fiery explosion, our future chief executive was more than a little concerned. How concerned, you ask? Well, according to wrestler Triple H, concerned enough to call in and check on whether Vince McMahon was actually killed in a staged explosion.

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From Deadspin:

“What kills me is that so many people called [to see if McMahon had been killed]. I’m not kidding – he’ll probably be mad at me for saying this, but Trump called and was like, ‘Did something happen to Vince?’”

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It would be even funnier if this asshole weren’t about to be gifted with our nuclear codes. Hopefully, he understands by that time that nuking China isn’t a fake WWE skit.

Photo Credits: GiphyEnuffa, Thought Catalog, WFO Underground, Photobucket