Tomi Lahren’s Appearance On The Daily Show Sure Was…Something

In case you’re lucky enough to not know who Tomi Lahren is, allow us here at GossiPol to spare you having to visit The Blaze to find out. She’s a hyper-conservative, super-hot talking-head who hosts her own web series, which primarily consists of her foaming at the mouth about liberals for three-to-five minute “news” segments. She’s seen here, looking like that sorority sister who mixed Adderall and Xanax before downing 10 Jell-o shooters and going on a racist tirade at the year-end mixer:

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Last night’s interview is here in its entirety. The interview kicked off with this quote, which accurately sums up Tomi’s views, and pretty much the whole interview:

“I’m a Millennial, so I don’t like labels.”

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Trevor Noah then asked her about one her favorite phrases: “I’m not racist, but….” If you think we’re exaggerating that she says this all the time, check here, here, and here for the receipts. She goes back to it almost immediately, saying, “I’ve never used racial slurs to address people, I’ve never looked down on [other races]. In fact, I don’t see color.” Because that is the test for racism – there isn’t a broad spectrum of racism, from murderers who commit hate-crimes to your non-violent grandpa. The test for racism, according to Tomi, is, “If I’m nice to people of color, I’m good, right?” Sure, you are, Tomi. Just ask this lady:

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Paula Deen was super nice to Black folks. She hired them to work at her restaurants. She even bought her kids Hank Aaron pajamas! But Paula’s racism was much more subtle. She thought having a plantation wedding, replete with Black servants acting as slaves, was just a quaint throwback to a more genteel time, not a demeaning exercise celebrating white superiority. She wasn’t lynching anybody or calling them the N-word (well, except for that one time) but guess what?

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So when Tomi defends her assertion that Black Lives Matter is the new KKK, we hate to offend her (actually we don’t), but that shit’s straight-up racist. Comparing a group of protestors to a hate group that popularized lynching and cross-burnings is just a little beyond the pale. And calling the Dallas shooter a Black Lives Matter member when time and again the evidence has shown that he was in no way affiliated with them is also straight-up racist. We know all Black people look alike to you Tomi, since you “don’t see color” and all, but that gunman was not a BLM protestor. Just because he’s Black and at a BLM protest doesn’t mean he’s “with them.”

Perhaps, though, our girl Tomi sympathizes with BLM more than we know. Because when Trevor Noah calls Tomi and her followers “alt-right,” she almost disintegrates like a sensitive, liberal snowflake and decries being “labeled.” As Trevor Noah deftly pointed out, saying all Trump supporters all alt-right is about as shitty as saying all BLM protestors are KKK members because of the actions of a few. That shit flew right over Tomi’s head, because empathy isn’t exactly her strong suit.

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Our favorite part, though, was when Trevor Noah asked Tomi about her viral video on Colin Kaepernick. It’s here if you haven’t seen it and you like being ear-fucked by an angry, white 24-year-old. Basically, Tomi thinks that “boy” Kaepernick should grow up and quit complaining, that kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful, and that he can leave America if he doesn’t like it. Trevor Noah wanted to know, as we did: if peaceful protest is “looting,” if being part of a movement like BLM is “rioting,” and kneeling is an “act of aggression,” how should Kaepernick express dissatisfaction with the way Black people are treated in America? “Appear on my show” was the only cogent answer we got out of Tomi. She then rambles on about how women didn’t always have rights, but she would never “make herself a victim” by protesting in the streets.

“I, being a woman, I didn’t have [the right to vote until] after Black people. But because I feel like I’m a woman and I’ve been marginalized in some way [that doesn’t mean I would] protest my [against] country. [….] I don’t protest! I’m not a victim!”

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Oh, you sweet summer child. You think that’s how women got the right to vote? By “not protesting?” You think women like Lucy Burns didn’t get arrested for picketing the White House? You think the Womans Party Suffrage Campaign got what they wanted by being meek and mild instead of employing “aggressive agitation, relentless lobbying, clever publicity stunts, and creative examples of civil disobedience and nonviolent confrontation”? Nobody, not Black people, not women, not LGBT, ever got anything they wanted by saying “pretty please.” That’s just a fact. Acquaint yourself with it before Elizabeth Cady Stanton rolls all the way out of her grave.

But you know Tomi can’t admit that people in this country are being victimized. It really runs against the whole “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality she espouses to an extreme degree on her show. Of course, we all like to think if we work hard and don’t complain, we could all achieve the American dream. A lot of people can. But it’s scary to think that if you were born a different color, or in a different socioeconomic status, that your life would be completely fucked due to external forces beyond your control. People like Tomi are much more comfortable thinking that she’s on top because she’s super-smart, not because she’s a hot woman who was lucky enough to be born white.

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