“Drunk Tweeting”: The Donald Trump Flag-Burning Edition

Today in “Drunk Tweeting,” flag-burning makes an intrepid journey from a constitutionally-protected right, to a misdemeanor-level offense, to an act of treason that could lead to you losing your birthright as an American.

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Alcohol and/or pathological narcissism will do that.

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Next time you’re hitting the sauce (or just being yourself), Donald, could we humbly suggest taking things up a notch and imposing the death penalty? Those damn commie liberals will think you’ve gone soft if you don’t immediately fuck them all to death when they exercise their First Amendment rights. We know you love the flag so much that you know what the stripes stand for (except when you don’t), so it’s the least you could do as a patriotic American.

Photo Credits: MetroElite DailyReaction GIFs