When Barry Met Baldy

This is OUR generation’s Lethal Weapon: a psychotic racist who thinks the phrase “Sugar Tits” is a term of endearment teams up with a competent Black public servant who’s officially over everyone’s bullshit. Hollywood got the reboot of their dreams, only it’s playing out in real life and is bankrolled by the American taxpayers.

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On Thursday, the Orange Don met with President Obama to discuss America’s transition into Idiocracy. The way Trump talked during his campaign, you would’ve thought he was going to enter the White House like this:

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And end the meeting with Obama like this:

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But alas, the American people were not gifted even as much as a tea-bagging of the sitting President by our illustrious President-elect. Instead, the two looked like this:

The Handshake!

Man, that body-language speaks volumes, doesn’t it? You would’ve thought Trump would look happy and Obama would look despondent. Why isn’t it the other way around? Why is it Obama that’s manspreading and Trump that’s looking up at him like he’s the most powerful man in the universe? It’s almost as if South Park called it correctly, and that Trump really doesn’t want to be President because he’s in completely over his weave. It’s also as if Trump is a classic schoolyard bully, who likes to talk a lot of shit about Obama being from Kenya but freezes up when it’s time to say it to his face (not for the first time either).

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According to Trump, Obama couldn’t have been nicer to him during their meeting. Obama even went over the allotted 15 minutes and took almost two hours in talking to him. But apparently, that extra-long meeting wasn’t just charity on Obama’s part. It took at least that long to break down for the coked-up orangutan that the President has to do a lot of – you know – work. From Business Insider:

“During Trump’s private meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday, Trump ‘seemed surprised’ by the scope of the president’s responsibilities [….] Trump’s aides were also apparently unaware that the entire staff of the president working in the White House’s West Wing would need to be replaced.”

We wish we could say this is surprising, but it’s not to anyone with a working set of eyeballs and earballs. Clearly, the guy who thinks he can build a wall on the Mexican border while cutting taxes, deport 12 million people at once, and order the US military to commit war crimes is not exactly clear on the extent of executive powers. He probably thought he read about those powers somewhere in the imaginary Article 12 of the US Constitution, which would explain a lot of the confusion. Well, at least we get that fifth Lethal Weapon installment we always wanted, right America?

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