It’s Time To End White Oppression, You Guys

Whites are being oppressed, you guys. Oh, sorry – you probably looked at the title of this article and thought to yourself, “Yeah, white people oppressing minorities sucks balls!” Well, that’s not what we’re here to discuss. We’re actually here to talk about reverse-discrimination, specifically against the ever-downtrodden, white Trump voter.

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You see, it’s hard being white. People are always telling you to check your privilege. You can’t deify the founding fathers without some buzzkill bringing up how racist and sexist they were. And you definitely can’t vote for Trump without people calling you nasty names, like racist, sexist, or xenophobe.

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How do we know this? There’s been lots of articles on the subject by very scholarly, very oppressed white people. The primary thesis is this: Trump voters feel shamed when they announce they voted for him. People call them bigoted just because they voted for a candidate that says stuff like this:

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Or this:

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Or this:

Just because they voted for a candidate that has the KKK seal of approval. Just because they voted for a man who has a long, racist history as a birther. Just because they voted for a man who thinks all women should be barefoot and pregnant, because “putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.” Just because they voted for a guy who called Mexicans “rapists” and “drug dealers.” Just because they voted for a guy who wants to put an end to the H-1B work visa program so immigrants can’t “take American jobs,” despite the fact that his business and his third wife benefitted from that very same program.

But yes, despite all of those very real facts about the man that they voted for, white Trump voters don’t appreciate all the haters calling them out on it. Voting for a bigot who promised to enact bigoted policies upon election doesn’t make you a bigot, after all. In fact, even all you Mexicans – legal or otherwise – who express your very real fear that Trump will possibly deport you and your family – makes white Trump voters feel uncomfortable. How are they supposed to revel in their victory when you’re being a Debbie Downer about your civil rights? Now they’re afraid, and it needs to stop. How would you feel, Muslim Hillary voters, if someone made you feel bad about yourself by judging you on your beliefs before they even got to know you?

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OK, bad example. So, how would you feel, Hispanic Hillary voters, if someone made you feel bad about yourself by casting aspersions about your character before they even got to know you?

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Oh, sorry. I guess you do know how that feels. Well ladies – all of y’all that voted for Hill-Dog – how would you like it if Republicans were nasty to you just because of a simple policy disagreement?

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Donald, maybe you should sit this one out, buddy. You’re not exactly helping the oppressed folks that voted for you.

Alright, so maybe white oppression isn’t as much of a thing as we thought it was. But still, you guys, we’ve got to bridge this divide somehow. Because white Trump voters are right about one thing: it sucks to put a label on a person you’ve never even met. We need to come together. Don’t assume Trump voters are all in the basket of deplorables that this guy is in:

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Almost 50 million people voted for Trump. We refuse to believe that they are all horrible people. But Trump voters, you’ve got a job too. You ready? You have to show the rest of the world that this:

Isn’t what you wanted when you voted for Trump. If people are scared, don’t act like some Pollyanna who can’t understand why people are legit freaking out about Trumplandia becoming a reality. Let’s talk this out. If Trump wants to do something cool for America – great! Let’s do this! But if Trump wants to do even half of the racist, sexist shit he’s promised to do when he becomes President, we want you – need you – on our side to oppose him. This country belongs to all of us, white, Black, Hispanic, male female, foreign-born and natural-born, gay and straight. So: are we all on board, then?

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