It’s Election Day, You Guys – So Get Out There And Vote

To see if you’re registered, check here. If you don’t know where your precinct is located, check here. Then, get out there! Bring a friend even, like our favorite orange-tinted sociopath did when he brought Melania to the voting booth today. It might be a stretch to call them “friends” – they’ve certainly met before, and maybe even had sex a time or two – but you probably couldn’t call them “close.” Why else would the Orange Don be looking over his wife’s shoulder to make sure she’s voting for him?

Donald Trump sneaks a peak at Melania Trump's ballot (Screen cap).

But seriously you guys, get out there and do your civic duty. If you haven’t already, cast your vote, or cede your right to bitch about the results later.

Photo Credits: Madame NoireRaw Story