Limited Internet Can Suck My Balls

A picture of Ted Cruz is always an appropriate accompaniment to a title involving ball-sucking. It really helps you picture what a scrotum looks like as you’re moving in for the kill.

If you ever needed an argument for net neutrality, come over to GossiPoL’s HQ (a.k.a. my mom’s basement) and find out how much paying by the gig for internet sucks a big ole bag of dicks. When you live in the cunt-try, say goodbye to living in the civilized world and hello to paying Verizon to bend you over and fuck you without lube. You know that sinking feeling when your phone notifies you that you’re running out of data? That’s every day of my fucking life right now.

Blogging with limited internet is like a stripper without a pole – not quite as high level, but you’ll still see tits in the end.

what wait wut nick kroll kroll show

Yeah, that metaphor went off the rails fast. Long story short, the posts here at GossiPoL may be a tad infrequent, but that’s you how you know you’re getting quality. So buckle up America, and get ready for a whole bunch a dick jokes about your favorite political stories of the week!

Photo Credits: Free Republic via Giphy, Tumblr via Giphy