Ted Cruz Has A Final Solution For Dealing With Muslim Terrorists

It sounds so much worse when we put it that way, doesn’t it? After the horrifying ISIS attack on Brussels that killed more than 30 people and injured scores more, all of the presidential candidates issued obligatory statements of support for the Belgian people. Except Ted Cruz took it a step further and barfed up his genius idea for putting a stop to terrorist attacks. From CNN:

“We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. [….] Our European allies are now seeing what comes of a toxic mix of migrants who have been infiltrated by terrorists and isolated, radical Muslim neighborhoods.”

“Hitler had some pretty good ideas about how to contain religious minorities,” he added. I made that last part up, but doesn’t it just flow nicely with that other bullshit?

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Ted Cruz might not care what a political dick joke generator has to say about his policies. But you know you done fucked up when even Donald Trump thinks your national security program is a “good idea.”


I want to know, logistically, how Grandpa Munster’s busted condom baby intends to carry out this brilliant scheme. He wants a special law enforcement unit to patrol “any area where there is a higher incidence of radical Islamic terrorism.” Soooo…the Twin Towers then? That San Bernardino government office? If you know where a terror cell is located, don’t wait for a fucking invitation – go in there and arrest those dickwads. But isn’t that the rub? You DON’T know where these terror cells are, because if you did, problem solved. Goddess forbid Ted Cruz and his silly putty face admit that he doesn’t have all the answers. It’s so much easier to blame a minority scapegoat and call it a day.

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