Can’t A Girl Hang With Her Bestie Every Once In Awhile?

Why the guilt by association in politics, huh? Come to think of it, George W. Bush puts the “ass” in “association,” am I right? Aw, please clap you guys.

Samuel L Jackson Cat Stare Off gifWhatever, I don’t need your approval.

In all seriousness, why is it political suicide for Hillary Clinton to be buds with Dubya? Aren’t we past the whole guilt by association thing? Just because she’s pleased to see him at Nancy Reagan’s funeral doesn’t mean she co-signs every thing he’s ever done in his presidency. Well, except for the Iraq War.

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Sorry, can’t help myself. Anyway, if we are worried that Hillary’s association with Dubya is more than just getting turnt at the club together every once in a while, we have her voting record to guide us. Just shooting the shit with the guy shouldn’t mar what has been, overall, a centrist Democratic record. Bernie is still the dankest, but let’s not vote that way just because Hill-Dog pals around with Dubya once in a blue moon.

Photo Credits: David Chalian/Instagram via US Weekly, Giphy, Tumblr via Giphy