Hillary Clinton Is Copying Bernie Sanders All The Way To The White House

If you can’t beat a Democratic socialist, why not become one? That’s been Hillary Clinton’s strategy of late. But like any cranky old man who refuses to let Thanksgiving be a peaceful family gathering for once, Bernie Sanders will not let that shit slide. On Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, Bernie told Hill-Dog what I told my sisters in grade school: Stop copying me!

“I think what Secretary Clinton just said [about refinancing student loan debt] is absolutely right. I think I said it many months before she said it, but thanks for copying a very good idea.”

It would be all good in the hood if Hillary didn’t bait and switch for pretty much the entirety of her political career. Let’s just hope that when Emperor Palpatine’s mother-in-law gets elected, she’ll stick to Bernie’s – I mean her – current position on student loans.

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Photo Credits: Tumblr via Giphy, Todd Rocheford/Giphy