Bernie Wins Michigan AND A Game Of Thrones Trailer In One Day?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss Qween! Happy International Women’s Day! We got Melisandre tits and a gratuitous lesbian sex scene from Game of Thrones, AND victories for women’s rights advocates in the Democratic Primary. So, everything’s great, right? Not quite you see, because America – we’ve talked about this. You were just too tempted by the open bar at Ladies’ Night, and you got wasted. So you know what happened? As of writing this, Donald Trump won Mississippi and Michigan, and Ted Cruz won Idaho. Is this what you want America? To not have nice things because you puked Midori Sour all over the new living room suite?


The only upshot is that a new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered last night and it was EVERYTHING. So get some coffee in you and sober up America. We’re on the upswing now, but things can’t possibly remain this fabulous with a Trump or Cruz presidency. And we wouldn’t want to lose images like this, now would we?

Rupaul Drag Race Dancing gif

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